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A spirit of freedom and revival breathes over Maison John Nollet for this online exclusive collection

Just like a bird from paradise, John Nollet’s new collection invites women to travel, extend summer, and dream of lightness and evasion. Transform the ordinary into extraordinary and your daily life into a spectacular experience.

This unique collection consists of feather hairclips available in 5 colors (black, ivory, blue, green and pink) and headbands that are embroidered on a loom, available in the same colors. These accessories will transform your look in a single move.



They can easily adapt to every haircut, length or hair color and reveal your desire to free your femininity and beauty.
This new collection was designed in collaboration with Maison Lesage and Lemarié, faithful associates of John Nollet’s creations.

This collection conveys more than ever the power of accessories.


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Drawings: Spiros Halaris
Models: Charlotte Poutrel & Fanny Francois
Photographer: John Nollet


Tsarine acidulée

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