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The secret garden of Schiaparelli

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A swarm of rainbow-colored insects has landed on Maison Schiaparelli’s ready-to-wear and couture collections. Reality and Surrealism make one.

For his first collaboration with Maison Schiaparelli, John Nollet imagines a secret garden inhabited by surreal creatures. Mixing ready-to-wear and couture, he lets the hair dive into an exotic and precious world that shows up under various forms … and functions: barrettes, combs, hair clips… The ‘Hair Artist’ even creates spectacular butterflies–only available by special order.


The collection is a poetic journey.

Each piece is like a magic key that opens the doors to Schiaparelli’s secret garden. Dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, butterflies… the winged creatures twinkle, twirl, joyous and free, to land wherever they please: on a hair clip, a barrette, a comb, and—why not?—can be slipped on the wrist… All themes are available in several versions.

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Photographer: Alexandra Utzmann
Stylist : Manon Hvejsel Sarron
Make-up : Laurence Maestrello
Hair : John Nollet & Alexandre Charles-Gillot


A star is born

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